Tyz Law Group Obtains Jury Verdict Against Huawei in Eastern District of Texas

CNEX Labs, Inc. Co-Founder Vindicated of All Claims

Tyz Law Group PC is pleased to announce that, after a three-week trial, a federal jury in Sherman, Texas cleared its client Yiren “Ronnie” Huang of any wrongdoing in a suit brought by Huawei and Futurewei.  

Huawei and Futurewei brought suit against Mr. Huang and the start-up he co-founded, CNEX Labs, Inc., in December 2017, alleging that Mr. Huang had breached the terms of his employment with Futurewei, and that CNEX and Mr. Huang had misappropriated Huawei trade secrets and poached its employees.  At trial Huawei sought $85.7 million in damages.    


In a complete defense victory, the eight-person jury unanimously rejected all of Huawei and Futurewei’s claims.   “This is a major victory for our client against a tech behemoth that tried to bully Ronnie and the company he co-founded,” said Ryan Tyz, founder of Tyz Law Group.  “It really feels great to represent Ronnie and beat back Huawei and Futurewei’s baseless claims – Ronnie is an innovative entrepreneur, and a genuinely good person.  We are ecstatic that he can now move on with his life.”

Ronnie added, “I am so thankful to Ryan and his team for obtaining such a great result for me and my family, especially against a giant company with unlimited resources. I couldn’t have done this without them, and I truly appreciate the team’s hard work and dedication to achieve the best result I could have hoped for.”

The Tyz Law Group trial team was led by Ryan Tyz, Erin Jones, and Sean Apple, with assistance from Aaron Myers and Mike Saunders.

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